All my current auctions are at AUCTIONS.

RULES will be as follows on all my auctions here (FB auctions may have different rules), even if no specifics are posted for a particular listing, unless stated otherwise.

No minimum, no reserve (except if stated).


NB: You can participate in all my auctions, but you are committing to those bids where you win at any or all of them and payable within 24-48 hours after you’ve received a payment request from me. To respect the integrity of all bidders, you are not allowed at any time during the auction to retract your bid at all at any point during an auction once it's placed, unless the seller, MetonBoss, has significantly changed the description of the item after you bid, or you accidentally bid the wrong amount, you can correct it immediately, but not after someone else has already placed another bid.


All sales are FINAL. No returns or refunds for any reason.


Only the item described is for auction, not all the props around it on the pictures.


5 minute anti snipe rule. You can always bid until it is CLOSED by the system. 5 minute rule that extends the auction for an additional 5 minutes and bids within the 5 minute extension continue to extend the auction 5 more minutes. The auction will then be closed once no more bids have occurred during the extended time.


Due to time constrains, in order to be able to do more auctions at lower prices, I don't always take pictures of certain repeat items, and I simply re-post the original photos (some color differences may occur on some items, especially the ones that are hand flamed or heat ano engraved, but overall, I will try to make it as close as possible to the original photos). 1st made or One made only items are normally as shown.


Payment types are listed and payments plan is available on the website.


Auction FEE: Do NOT select any other shipping fee option (such as Economy or Standard) as I will not ship your auction item(s) until the correct fee is selected and paid with each item separately.

   US winners: $10 fee is added to your winning bid for each item at checkout. You will need to select the following Shipping / Fee option at checkout from the DROPDOWN Menu, no exception (do NOT select the Economy or Standard):

"USA AUCTION Fee on each item regardless of Bid $"


   INTERNATIONAL winners: $20 fee is added to your winning bid for each item at checkout. You will need to select the following Shipping / Fee option at checkout from the DROPDOWN Menu, no exception (do NOT select any other options): 

"INTERNATIONAL AUCTION Fee on each item regardless of Bid $."


There is no way to combine the items and pay all of them in one payment unfortunately, due to the auction software and the hosting company limitations.


Even if you have more items in one box shipped, the fee is necessary to cover some of my costs associated with individual packaging to avoid damages inside the box, Employees, payment processing fees and shipping. Keep this in mind when you are bidding and do not ask for any exception, even if you have many auction wins for the day, as it would be an unfair disadvantage to all the other bidders that always pay and on time and it's also unfair to my business as most of these are sold at wholesale prices (even with the fee added) that not even the big volume companies get from me, such as the Knife Center that bank wire the funds without any cost to me.


If you want to only pay a one-time fee when you win several items, then check out my retail prices at You will pay retail prices that have proven to be close to or more than double the cost of my auction prices. You decide, but if you bid, you agree to the terms laid out here, so please do not ask for any exceptions.


Moreover, if you ask me to hold your package in order to save on shipping on future auctions, unfortunately, it will not. This is to avoid too many people trying to hold their packages as that takes my attention away for making more products at the auction price level. These auctions are already at a very low price - at least most of them - some are even under wholesale price where I lose money. Enjoy your savings!


SHIPPING: I normally ship 4-6 business days after payment is sent due to the overload of orders at certain times on various platforms (for example, if you paid me on Tu., 6 days added will be the following We as Sat & Su are not a business days) as per auction rules. I print the labels to start packaging all orders, which can take days. Tracking number is automatically emailed to your email address via / USPS once I print the label, so please do NOT ask for tracking until a minimum of 7 business days after your payment and once you verified that the email with the tracking number is not in your spam folder or INbox. This will allow me to spend more time to continue machining and sending orders quicker, so please respect my time. Also see more on YOUR ORDER PROCESS below.


If you need INSURANCE, just let me know,

  • for USA: it is $3 fee if your order is under $100 or 3% of your total if your order is over $100.
  • if International: it is $5 fee if your order is under $100 or 5% of your total if your order is over $100.
    You need to add the insurance fee on top of your total and send me a message that you are requesting insurance. Once I ship your items, I am not able to cover any loss if you do not insure it (it has probably only happened a few times out of many thousands of packages shipped in the past few years. These auctions are almost at a loss to me already and cannot cover any issues of non-delivery, only if I send the wrong item or if it is returned to me by the shipper, which I can then send back.


There are a few rare instances when shipment is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but I make every effort to ship as soon as possible as I also machine all day and design new products.


All communication is done via Chat with us at, not on Paypal. I do not copy your address from Paypal, it needs to be sent to me via Chat with us at If you have an address change, it is important that you send me a message at the time of payment. Whatever address you send me on via Chat with us at is where I ship to. If there is a change of address, please make sure to write me the new address at payment as I always use the previous address given by default.




1.) After all auctions are closed, you should get an email.

2.) As stated above, all items you win are PAYABLE within 24-48 hours after you’ve received a payment request from me. It helps the process if you pay as soon as possible so I can verify all payments and print the labels to start the shipping process for everyone. I do all auction orders as one big order to be more effective, not individually, one process at a time, so if you are late with your payment, it delays the process for everyone. So please be mindful of the other winners and I don’t want to send payment reminders as it takes more time away from order processing, designing new items and machining.

3.) All PAYMENTS are VERIFIED as soon as possible, so you don’t need to ask if I received your payment to save time. I will let you know if any issues.

4.) I normally print out all labels on Th and start the SHIPPING process. Some go out quicker than others (see above SHIPPING times).


ENGRAVING: most of my items are not marked or engraved with the MetonBoss logo and additional info as it is normally done on some of my retail items. You can request them for $20 additional fee or request custom messaging or image after you won an item for an additional $30 or more, depending on the complexity.


You are NOT allowed to bid if you have not paid for your previous auction item(s).

Thanks and Good luck. Sean, MetonBoss.